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Email marketing

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Twilio SendGrid

Twilio SendGrid is a cloud-based platform that solves the challenge of email delivery. SendGrid provides and manages an email server on your company’s behalf, so your communications with customers are reliably sent and delivered as needed.


The deal

$1800 in SendGrid credits.


Target group

Startups. Businesses. Marketeers. Individuals that want to improve visibility with SEO.



Credits. Education and support. Access to the Twilio Startups team.



Cloud-based platform that solves the challenge of email delivery through Email APIs and marketing campaigns.

About the deal

Our Twilio SendGrid deal for you

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Deal highlights

With Email API, you can send transactional emails using dedicated IPs, white-labeling, sub-user management and advanced API features. With Marketing Campaigns, you can send newsletters with powerful list segmentation, A/B testing, engagement features, and marketing email performance. Visit Twilio SendGrid.

Target groups

Startups until series A stage that want to take their email marketing to the next level.

Eligibility criteria

First, you need to have an active DueDash Investor Relations account with +70% profile completeness. Second, startups need to have a SendGrid &/or Twilio Account in order to benefit from the credits. All applications are subject to conditions.


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Have an active startup profile on our DueDash platform with +70% profile completeness.


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Wait for review

We will check based on our partner's requirements and your DueDash profile.


Redeem credits

After successful verification, you will receive the instructions to redeem your credits.

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